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18.10.2013 Cortina Bob/Berlin: Siberian Meat Grinder (Moscow) / Reactory (Berlin) /Aftershow: DJ Slay


„Siberian Meat Grinder is a crossover thrash band from Russia, formed by veterans of Russian hardcore scene, including members of What We Feel, Moscow Death Brigade, Razor Bois and GxHx. SMG plays a unique blend of heavy and fast music, mixing raging hardcore thrash with elements of different genres – from heavy metal and stoner rock to melodic death, black metal and even rap.

Band’s lyrics, visual themes and performances are based on SMG’s own lore – the universe of Bear-Tsar, the ruler of Siberian Hell who leads the crusade against the enemies of metal. SMG’s lyrics also address a wide variety of themes – from social issues to graffiti, skateboarding and underground street-culture.

A good way to enter the world of Siberian Meat Grinder is to check the band’s new music video „From The Dust Returned“ which takes the viewer straight into Siberian Depths with its colossal moshpits, graffiti-covered trains, motorcycle speed freaks, mystical skateboarding gangs and cryptic forest rituals.

The band has released two albums so far- „Hail To The Tsar“(2012) and „Versus The World“(2013) – both can be found on bandcamp:

This autumn SMG is coming to Europe, bringing war on the enemies of metal and calling to arms the united forces of punks, skinheads, headbangers and hardcore kids!

See you soon in the pits of Siberian Hell!“