27.6.2015 Brno/Tschechien: Neonazigrossaufmarsch entgegenstellen!

Nachdem am 20.6.2015 bereits bis zu 5000 Nazis in Bratislava/Slowakei aufmarschiert sind, wäre eine aktive Unterstützung von Antifas aus ganz Europa am 26.6. in Brno/Tschechien verdammt wichtig! Für den Aufbau Grenzen überschreitender antifaschistischer Brigaden! Siempre antifascista!:

On 26th of June there will be a demonstration in Brno organized by
“Nechceme utečence v ČR” („We don’t want refugees in Czech
Republic“). This group has until now around 7,500 fans on facebook,
the demonstration itself 3 000 participants and we are sure that is run by
organized and well-known neo-nazis who try to “surf on the
anti-immigration and anti-islamic wave” and get more public
attention and legitimation. Nothing new as their tactic – they have
done the same with anti-Roma demonstration since 2011 on here, now they do
it with this topic.

An anti-rascist and anti-fascist group “Brno blocks” organizes a
counter-action (hxxps://www.facebook.com/events/111325602538151/) which
will take place in the very same park of Moravske namesti from the very
same time of 18:00.

There is an obvious continuity between neo-nazi actions in Bratislava and
Brno. Czech neo-nazis have been in a decay in last months. Nevertheless,
this new topic may energize them. Bratislava demonstration aspires to be
the biggest neo-nazi event since 1989. Therefore, it is crucial to come to
Brno and Bratislava to strangulate their potential new breath from the
very beginning. Otherwise, more of their action will probably come soon.

Spread this information and see you in Brno!