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1.1.-30.1.2015: Sisterhood Montréal präsentiert: Workshop on sexism in the antifascist and counter-culture movements

The anti-fascist and the counter-cultures movments brings progressive ideas and maintains links with different liberated movements in addition to being areas seen as more inclusive and where connections to domination are less present. In our every day lives, however, it is unfortunate that even in these areas there are reports of this domination persisting. This then leads us to begin to question our lifestyles and surroundings, and make sure that these oppressions that have been experienced do not continue in our society. Sexist and homophobic attitudes, actions, and behaviors continue to be more and more present in our communities. Sexism and patriarchal behaviors are just as present. Even if more and more women have been nocticed in our surroundings as time goes by, their roles in which they are assigned, the ways in which they are perceived, and the comments toward their respect, all do not differ so much from those found in a general way in our patriarchal society. What conclusions can we make of the state of gender relations, specifically men-women relations, and the situation of women in our militant circles and our counter-cultures ?
How to identify sexist attitudes and behaviors ? But most importantly, how do we begin to build communities that are truly equal?

This workshop in which you can participate will be divided into three parts: First, we will do a brief summary of the montreal women in the antifa movment and counter-cultures scenes. We will then share our review of this situation, and finally we will discuss many different potential solutions. This workshop is open to a public to which whom are interested and will be presented by the Montreal Sisterhood, radical feminist organization, only women, focused on battling patriarchy and it’s effects in the antifa movment and counter-cultures (especially punk, skinhead, hardcore, hip-hop, and reggae), in Montreal.