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26./27.9.2014 Bunte Kuh/Berlin: Berlin Edge Days 2014

Auch dieses Jahr gibt es wieder die Edge Days in Berlin. In Zusammenarbeit mit Sleaze Shows DIY Booking planen wir zwei schöne Tage und Abende für euch und für uns. Es wird leckeres veganes Essen geben, verschiedene Distros, Verkaufs- und Infostände und folgende Bands werden spielen:


(Ex Birds of a feather, Netherlands)

Fxstcxrx Drxsdxn


XVX Hip Hop


Jilly Skid
(vegan straight edge Hip Hop)

Don’t miss the after hour surprise Karaoke !!

26./27.9.2014 Bunte Kuh/Berlin: Berlin Edge Days 2014 weiterlesen

30.4. Köpi/Berlin: Noc Walpurgí Festival 2014

Emancypunx // Refuse // Feminismus Oi // Köpi presents:
Girl-punk. Anti-sexist. Anti-homophobic.
17:00 Uhr

„Feminist economics“ by Zofka £apniewska
„Race, gender and privilege in leftist communities and in hardcore punk“ by Anna Vo (XFirst World ProblemsX, „Fix My Head“ zine)

Videokino Peliculoso
„And You Belong“ Queer Music Documentary by Julia Ostertag

„Explora“ (justforyou)
19:00 Uhr

„Kovaa Rasvaa“ (Raw and fast distort Hardcore Punk /Turku/Finland) – „Iron“ (Sex positive, Queer, Vegan Straight Edge / Malmö/Sweden) – „N.M.A.“ (Catchy and melodic Punkrock / HH) – „Antidotum“ (Powerful Punk / Warschau) – „Petra Flurr“ (Genderqueer Electropunk / Berlin) –
„Kenny Kenny Oh Oh“ (Raw and catchy Punkrock / Leipzig) – „XFirst World ProblemsX“ (Feminist Vegan Straight Edge HC / Berlin) – „Friend Crush“ (Queer Punk / Berlin)
Party im Koma F
Dance Party all night

+Vokü, Distros etc.

28./29.9.2012 Berlin/Linse & Bunte Kuh: Berlin Edge Day

Starts : 16:00

Ends : 02:00
At ‘Linse’ Jugendclub parkaue 25 near to sbahn frankfurter allee
Entry : 5-7€

-Vegan voeku
Bitter Verses (Hardcore/Metal from Seftenberg)
Vengeance Today (Hardcore Punk from Chemnitz)
Fight Them All (Old School Hardcore from Poznan)
Daydream (90’s Straight Edge Hardcore from Prague)
Thug x Life (Youth Crew Hardcore from Poznan)

29 September 2012
Starts: 19:00
Ends: …
Entry: 6-7€

@ Bunte Kuh
Bernkastelerstr. 78
13088 Berlin

Vegan Voeku

Barren (German SxE 90’s Hardcore)
Lose The Life (Youth Crew Hardcore Göteborg)
Spiknykter (Punk Hardcore Göteborg)
xMomox (German XVX Hardcore)

This event is a benefit for Hardcore Help Foundation, so come as much as possible
We want to share these days with all the individuals who really love hardcore and put passion on it, we want to give moral support to all those trapped in drug and alcohol culture, these shows are created with the intention to live two positive days with no alcohol drugs and smoke around us(with some sxe bands/bands with sxe members who support hhf) and not ghetto-days. To us Straight Edge and Hardcore mean Brotherhood, Sisterhood and Solidarity. These two days are for everyone, not only for sxe kids, there will be no tolerance for stupid “hardline” tough guy attitudes, so if you are close minded, sexist, homophobe this event is definitely not for you.
Thank you

No smoke inside
No alcohol allowed

if you have your own distro and want to join, just let me know with an email