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9.12.2013 Mehringhof/Berlin: Invitation: Open Meeting for Self Organisation

In response to the murder of antifacist Pavlos Fyssas on the 18th of September in Greece there was an open meeting for self organisation of actions and counter information. The people who gathered for this meeting were individuals who come from a variety of different political backgrounds within the anti-authoritarian spectrum. Although we were not a homogenous group, we managed to organise some actions and a demonstration which took place on the 27th September. Despite the fact that there was a short time for organisation, the demonstration was a dynamic expression of our outrage and Solidarity. The anger felt on the streets of Kreuzberg and Neukölln resonated and showed a connection to the antifascist and anti authoritarian struggles in Greece and elsewere. This process showed that reaction can be self organised, open and direct!

Although we were generally excited by the mobilisation and the demo itself, as always there are some points which we hope could be better for the future. We hope that next time participants will feel able to bring banners and flyers and use the opportunity to communicate outside of the demonstration and generally take more self initiative. It is easy to get frustrated within the Berlin demo context, we often question the sense and meaning of such activity. It is important to have an open dialogue on this topic here in Berlin and for this reason we thank our comrades in Neukölln who organised a talk on the subject (this event took place on the same day as the demonstration, more info @