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19.9.2014 Schokoladen/Berlin: Dysnea Boys & The Twitchblades

thirsty & miserable: Dysnea Boys (80sSkatePunk/Bln) + Twitchblades (Punk/Bln)
Lead singer Jason Honea from the San Francisco Bay Area was the former front man of California skate rock legends, Social Unrest. His unique vocal style is instantly recognizable and makes the Dysnea Boys sound true to their musical roots. Bass player C.C. Voltage (formerly of the Spitfires/Loyalties) and Chris Frey (formerly of Radio Berlin/Book of Lists/Sludge) are both former Vancouverites who met in Berlin to collaborate on a new project with Honea. Drummer Tom Fanore (formerly of southern Germany’s punk band Sorry My Sox), rounds out the line-up.