[Karlsruhe – No TddZ] We have lined up to prevent the Nazi march!

We have lined up to prevent the Nazi march!*
On June, 3rd, 2017 Nazis from all over Germany and beyond will try to march through Karlsruhe. The reason is the so-called „Tag der deutschen Zukunft“ („TddZ“), which the Nazis of the fascist party „Die Rechte“ want to bring to Karlsruhe this year.

*“TddZ“ – peddling with völkisch ideology*

The „Tag der deutschen Zukunft“ has been held in different cities since 2009. It has established itself as one of the major events for German fascists. With around 1000 participants at the last gathering in Dortmund, the „TddZ“ has once again clearly increased in importance. In terms of content, the event is characterized not only by clearly displays of nationalism and fascism as well as a propagation of the blood and soil ideology, but also by a positive relation to historical German fascism.

Qualitatively, fascism and fascist organizations differ greatly from newer actors of the right-wing groups, such as the „AfD“ or „Pegida“. As disgusting and dangerous as they are and as much as they are intertwined with the clearly fascist right, fascism itself still presents itself as an ideology and movement that thoroughly thinks through cultivated resentments and represents their violent implementation. Fascism does not only mean extreme nationalism, but also terrorism and death for it’s opponents and all groups that are excluded in the fascist idea. This includes all those who do not fit into their mindset because they have a different skin color, nationality, religion or sexual orientation. Feminists, people with disabilities and the left, are also among the enemy images of the neo-Nazis. The current fascist rights are still far from reaching this goal. Their form of racism also aims at a split in society and is compatible to the ideology of other newer right-wing groups, which pursue the same goal but do not pursue a concrete fascist dictatorship.

Although for major events like the planned “TddZ” in Karlsruhe, Nazis all over Germany are beeing mobilized, moving the location of this event to southern Germany ultimately serves as an opportunity for the local fascist scene to demonstrate their strength, present itself and strengthen their own rows.

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