Interview mit RASH Paris Paris Interview (Thanks RASH Poland)

The following interview was publicized in SKINHEAD REVOLT issue1 – zine R.A.S.H.- POLAND

1. What is red and anarchist skinheads ?

Nico: Red and Anarchist Skin Heads is an international antifascist and anticapitalist skinhead network. It was built in USA at the beginning of 90’s, but spread quickly in Canada, Europe and south America. We’ve got links in lots of countries.

2. How RASH Paris was created? Can you tell us a little bit more about its history?

Nico: 8 or 9 years ago, in Paris, I met Victor who was guitarist of Brigada Flores Magon. With a few friends, we travelled in Italy and Spain to collect contacts, and decided to create a local chapter of RASH international network in order to smash stupid Nazis, and to put more political sense in our music scene. Still these times, we never stopped to organize solidarity gigs for prisoners, antifas, workers on strike, etc.

3. There are many interesting initiatives coming out of RASH Paris such as Brigada Flores Magon or Barricata zine. Can you tell us bit more about the zine?

Nico: In may of 1999, we printed first Barricata issue, which was just a small fanzine talking about politic and music, but slowly, it became a big cultural magazine, still anarchist of course, still furious, written in french, and sometimes in English. As Profane Existence, we hope to „make punk a threat again“. Each new issue run around 2000 copies. Try it!

4. Coming back to BFM band- can you tell us bit more about it as well?

Nico: I play bass with Brigada for 3 years only, so, i think Mateo could get you a better answer, but before it, i was in the band following for a long time. That’s a nice story, and we had great years kicking political scum. I’m proud of what we organized the last years, like gig in front of prisons, or in the street, facing fascist enemy. We’re now recording a new album. Hope to play it in the street, during big social riots!

5. What is French CNT that RASH co-operates with?

Nico: I belong to French CNT; i’m in charge of propaganda. It’s perhaps a small union, but with some good directions. Red and black flag is deeply printed in my heart. Even if times are bad, we carry on fighting!

6. Every year you organize antifascist festival Barricata. Something about it?

Nico: you’re all welcome at the next Barricata festival, in Paris, first week-end of June ! Like every year, you’ll meet friends from everywhere, have fun and excess.

7. Situation with boneheads in Paris is under control or do you still have some serious trouble?

Nico: we don’t have trouble with boneheads in Paris, cause you never see boneheads in Paris, except in the rich neighbourhood, perhaps! Troubles come from our government, and widely, from our society, more and more racist, unequal, individualistic.

8. How it is with apolitical skinheads? Do they cross your path or do they pretend to be „apolitical leftists“?

Nico: apolitical skinheads are shit, anywhere, anytime. How could you be apolitical when you still talk about working class? It’s nonsense.

9. Some words at the end?

Nico: Keep on, keep in on!


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