21.-24.4. Berlin: Nothing Nice To Say! Fest 2016

This is it! Nothing Nice To Say Fest! 2016
Berlins´ one and only international D.I.Y. Punk fest.

Presale tickets only left for the show at SO 36 (Thursday) – follow the link below or go directly to http://so36.merch-systems.com/browse/tickets/de,0,4757,0,0.html
The shows at Statthaus Böcklerpark are completely SOLD OUT! No door tickets left!
All the other shows don´t have presale and will be between 5 and 8 € – first come, first serve! No weekend passes! Check the infos below!!!!
A limited amount of hard tickets for Thursday is still available at Static Shock Recordstore and Wowsville Records/Berlin.

There will be a limited tape sampler with all the Berlin bands out for the festival including a comic book by local punk artists. Will be available at the door/merchtables!

This is what´s going on:

On all of the days there will be an art show/gallery @ West Germany. Opening on Wednesday with a live performance of Freddy Futt Pucker. Entrance is free!
More infos here:


@ SO 36 // 20:00
10 € presale (+ fee) // 12 € door
presale link:
Nightbirds (USA)
Thee Oops (IT)
Diät (Bln)

Aftershowparty @ Wowsville Bar // 23:00 // free show!
limited capacity / first come – first serve!
Powerbalance (ES)
Jaume Bored (ES)
+ DJs



@ Statthaus Böcklerpark // 18:00
SOLD OUT! No door tickets!
Belgrado (ES)
Youth Avoiders (FR)
Pisse (Bln)
Rixe (FR)
Cult Values (Bln)
Levitations (Bln)

Aftershowparty @ Koma F // 00:00
No presale – only door / first come first serve!
Minus Apes (Bln – one off reunion show)
Life Fucker (Bln)
Cheap Drugs (BEL)
+ DJs



Afternoonshow @ Rauchhaus // 14:00
No presale – only door / first come first serve
Stalled Minds (FR – first and excl. Germany show)
Sick Horse (Bln)
Arms Race (UK)

+ Vegan Burger joint!!!!!

@ Statthaus Böcklerpark // 17:00
SOLD OUT! No door tickets!
Protomartyr (USA)
Una Bèstia Incontrolable (ES – first and excl. Germany show)
Orden Mundial (ES)
Modern Pets (Bln)
Moth (DK)
Disguise (IRL)
Digital Octopus (FR)

Aftershowparty @ Bei Ruth // 00:00
No presale – only door / first come first serve
Häxxan (Il)
Barcelona (ESP)
Puff (Bln)
+ DJs



@ Tommyhaus // 18:00
No presale – only door / first come first serve
Piss (Bln/Bcn)
Ravage Fix (CH)
Transylvania (Bln)
Pig//Control (Bln)