15.9.2017 K19/Berlin: Piss Test / Es war Mord / Dysnea Boys //

punk punk punk

PISS TEST (portland)
PISS TEST is a Portland band which features Zach, Rodrigo, and Samantha. You may recognize them from the front row of your show, your cab ride home, or your rehab facility.

ES WAR MORD (berlin)
Hardcore punk band from Berlin, Germany. Including current and ex-members of Vorkriegsjugend, Die Skeptiker, Zerstörte Jugend, Jingo De Lunch, Situations and some other bands …

DYSNEA BOYS (berlin)
Singer Jason Honea from the San Francisco Bay Area was the former front man of California hardcore legends, Social Unrest. Guitarist Chris Frey hails from Vancouver (CA) and Bass player Dave Maule from Aberdeen (SCT). Drummer Tom Fanore is the sole German in this Berlin based punk / post punk band.